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Sticko is a multi-purpose tiny gadget that allows you to stick almost anything to almost any smooth surface. A gadget that is small in size but big in its benefits!

Due to the flexible suction cup material its made out of, Sticko can attach to smooth surfaces that are not necessarily flat.

Sticko allows you to be innovative so you can sticks your gadget to a mirror, a wall, or maybe even your computer or television! Use it as a tablet mount, a sunglass holder, a key holder or even to mount your phone to your car dashboard for easy listening and navigation.

Sticko comes with a lobster clamp and earphone jack attached to it. You can attach it to your phone using the earphone jack or your key chain with the lobster clamp. Its size and flexibility allows you to slip it in your back pocket attached to your phone/or key chain.

Sticko is mainly a solution for a phone mount that is simple and can travel with you everywhere you go. It is made out of a special U.V protected and heatproof material so it will stay strong even in the harshest conditions like a hot car in the middle of summer.


We introduced Sticko to the market through Kickstarter and we were funded 350% ! We were also named product of the month on the Kickstarter homepage!

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Since we launched our campaign we have received countless offers from distributers and retailers that want Sticko!  We have also realized that the uses for Sticko are endless.

Anyone who sees Sticko comes up with a new use that we didn’t even think of!