Best things come in small packages

Introducing the handy little gadget made possible through a successful Kickstarter campaign STICKO will simplify your life!

When the creators of Sticko decided to take on the challenge of designing this little gadget, they had every intention of developing a better “mouse trap”– not literally of course. They wanted to make a multi-functional mount that combined innovation and design in one small package, and they took the idea to Kickstarter, becoming one of the most successful campaigns to launch.

That was last February – today Sticko is making its market debut. This perfect little gadget uses small suction cups that attach to a variety of surfaces – and can easily convert from a cell phone mount to a variety of other handy uses: it is excellent for hanging kitchen towels, car and house keys, and even your television remote (s). In the bathroom, it turns any shampoo, conditioner, or body scrub container into a hands free dispenser.

This little gadget is ultra durable, super simple, multi-purpose, and is made of UV protected, long lasting materials that perform up to the task whether in the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

  • Sticko is portable- easy to carry in your pocket or pocket book.
  • Sticko is simple- just adjust one set of suction cups to the back of any surface.
  • Sticko is chic- designed in a variety of colors to fit your individual style and taste.

And if you have hard to stick to surfaces − every Sticko pack comes with two special, transparent stickers that transform every rough surface into a glossy Sticko compatible surface. They leave no residue and are easy to attach and remove. Additional stickers can be purchased separately. They come 4-per-pack.

Sticko is available NOW, direct from the manufacturer and it ships anywhere around the world; comes in a handy two-in-one pack. Order now and start finding new ways to utilize this clever little gadget.

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